Peter Crielly
Senior Stylist

Hi my name is Peter and i am the male stylist in Lanarkshire Aethetics.  I have worked in the hairdressing industry for 10 years.  I began my journey at the age of 14 and throughout the years i have gained vast experience in all areas of the hairdressing field, practical skills, customer service and people skills and i have a great awareness of fashion and changing trends in the hairdressing industry.  Hairdressing has always been my passion first and my career second! I strive to ensure that all my clients leave me feeling happier, confident and more beautiful than they felt prior to entering the salon.  I offer a range of services, all of which i am highly experienced.  This includes colouring and colour consultations, cutting and hair styling, Evening/formal/wedding and bridal hair, Hair extension consultation, application and removal.  I a proud to be a member of the amazing Lanarkshire aesthetics team and i look forward to welcoming clients old and new to join in on the fantastic LA family    <3 Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be <3

Peter :)

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